Terms of Service

Terms of use for the Better Battery Stats Web Application

This terms of use explains in details what you can expect from this service.

Usage of this Service

The BBS web-app is an optional offering that is not required to use the Android app. By default the service is disabled and you must explicitely enable it if you want to use the features of the web-app.

Identity and Authentication

The authentication to the web-app uses you OAUTH 2.0 identity. This gives the app access to your Google e-mail address as well as to your profile info. The purpose of using Google’s identity service is solely to secure the application and neither your e-mail nor your profile data will be stored or processed by the web-app, nor will the data be used for any other means than authentication to the app.

Availability of your Data

We provide no guarantee in terms of ensuring that your data will be available to you. This is a free service provided based on best effort. If you reset your Android app or switch phones your old data will not be available to you anymore if you have not taken care of exporting/re-importing your settings to preserve the unique identifier used by the Android app to link the data to your identity.


We do our best to protect your data in terms of securing the environment that data is stored in: - The access to the web app is only possible to authenticated and ahthorized users - We monitor the components used to build the web-app for security update and apply these in a timely fashion - We use code-scanning and static code analysis to check the security of our own developments

Despite these measures you should understand that your data is stored on a service hosted on the internet and we can not guarantee that your data is 100% secure.


We do extensive testing on a separate environment to ensure that the integrity of your data is preserved. Nevertheless we can not be made liable for any dammage caused by the integrity of your data being hurt.


You can decide to opt-out of the service at any time or revoke the app from your identity. You can also reset the unique identifier on your Android app and delete the link between your phone and the data collected by doing so. If you opt-out of this service the data priorly provided will stay stored. We may delete old data for storage capacity reasons based on own retention rules.

Data aggregation

You data may be processed to provide aggregate data. The purpose of these aggregated may be: 1. To provide you and other users benchmark data to compare their stats to aggregated categories, e.g. for the same device with other Android versions 1. To perform studies and publish benchmarks on agregated data. Example of such studies may be for example to show common causes of battery drain for certain brands, models, Android versions or to show how good or bad a certain application behaves on certain devices of Android versions. Benchmarks will never contain any unique identifier allow to trace back an aggregate to a user of population of users.