Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy for the Better Battery Stats Web Application

This privacy policy explains in details what data gets collected and stored.

Usage of this Service

The BBS web-app is an optional offering that is not required to use the Android app. By default the service is disabled and you must explicitely enable it if you want to use the features of the web-app.

Identity and Authentication

The authentication to the web-app uses you OAUTH 2.0 identity. This gives the app access to your Google e-mail address as well as to your profile info. The purpose of using Google’s identity service is solely to secure the application and neither your e-mail nor your profile data will be stored or processed by the web-app, nor will the data be used for any other means than authentication to the app.

Data Collection and Processing

The BBS web-app offers you the possibility to upload time-series of your statistics to the web-app for detailed analysis over time. Therefore statics will be uploaded and stored to our servers:

Your data is linked to you based on a unique identifier (uuid) generated by the app when enabling the service. When using the web-app you will have access only to your data based on this unique identifier.

The data of the time series is stored is of the form: - the unique identifier - the name of the statistic, e.g. “Other, Screen Off” - the absolute value for the statistic in milliseconds - the total value for the statistic in milliseconds - the percentage value for the statistic in milliseconds - if applicable the counter (occurences) of the statistic, e.g. for alarms - if applicable absolute, total, percentage values and/or counters for sub-categories of a statistic, e.g. time spent by the cpu at a certain frequency - if applicable the name of the application related to or causing the behavior related to the statitic, e.g. the name of the application responsbible for wake-ups - metadata about the brand, model, vendor of your device as well as android version installed

Processing of this data can be done in aggregated form to provide comparisons between of your values and aggregated values from other users, e.g. to show the behaviour of your device compared to other devices of the same mode, brand, android version etc. Any aggregation will be done after removing the unique identifier and provide no means to trace any aggregate data back to a user.